Overview of Surface Pro's specs

Windows_Feb12_BTablets are all the rage right now. You are starting to see businesses of all sizes integrate them into the office and end up not really looking back. Because of the growing demand, many manufacturers are releasing tablets. Microsoft, known largely as a software company, has recently released one of the most powerful tablets to date.

How to get your recycle bin back

When it comes to computers, many users are constantly installing programs they need and deleting others they don’t use. From time-to-time, users run out of hard drive space and go on a bit of a deleting binge to free up space. What can sometimes happen though is that you go too deep into the OS file system and end up getting rid of something important, like the recycle bin, for example.

Consumer vs. business computers, is there a difference?

Working with many different small businesses we often get asked this question. Frequently purchasing a new computer is left to the last minute and at first glance is seems easier to run out to the nearest retail store and pick up a shiny new system. In addition these same retail stores are often advertising systems at great discount prices, but is it really cheaper in the end? What’s really the different between the consumer models found in retail stores and the business models available through resellers or directly from the manufacturer?

When comparing different computer models the conversation quickly focusses on the technical specs.

How to make Windows 8 a little more you

Customization and differentiation is popular these days. You can go onto sites like Vans and customize a pair of shoes that meet your style and taste, or look at the hundreds of millions of different iPhone cases available online. When it comes to computers and operating systems, there’s slightly less choice in terms of customization – for most it’s Windows or OS X. While every copy of Windows 8 sold starts out the same, there are a huge amount of customization options to help make Windows 8 your own.

Ensure your system can run Windows 8

Whenever a new operating system is released, many users rush out and buy it, eager to take advantage of the changes. Businesses are no different, with some already having upgraded to Windows 8. While Windows 8 definitely brings with it some big changes, it is an investment and one which could turn out to be a costly mistake if your systems can’t run it.

Ready for some change? Windows 8 is here

One of the integral parts of the modern computer is the operating system (OS) it allows users to graphically interact with the computer. Without it, typing this would have been a lot harder, an exercise in pure code. Microsoft has one of the most popular systems – Windows, and on October 26, they released a new version, Windows 8. Will businesses benefit though?

Here’s five key business related aspects of Windows 8.

Windows 8 changes the desktop
The biggest change Windows 8 brings is the change to the desktop layout.

How to delay emails on Outlook

Email, one of the most disruptive technologies ever led the way for a digital communication wave of change that has more or less destroyed the traditional methods of communication. Why write a letter when you can just type out an email and have it delivered and read instantly? The problem with email is that it has led to a bunch of users who just type without thinking and hitting send, only to regret what they have written.

Need to give a presentation? Use Lync

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to travel to give presentations? Many professionals have a dream: Giving presentations from the office, or even from home. While you could just send your clients a PowerPoint file, it’s not as effective as you being present to answer questions or present the information.