Since PCM began managing our technology, there has been a significant reduction in server down time. PCM has taken the time to understand our business and its needs and set out to make our systems work efficiently. Thanks to PCM, our IT is now working the way it should be and our down time has been reduced substantially.


Over the years we have worked with numerous IT companies before having PCM recommended to us directly by Microsoft. We found with previous companies that there was not enough preventative maintenance, not enough technicians to be able to service our needs in a timely manner, and our overall satisfaction with IT services was quite low. PCM addressed all of these concerns and continues to provide excellent IT service. I am happy to provide them our highest recommendation.

Director of Operations
Reimar Forming & Construction

Medical Ministry International Canada is a mid size charitable organization. We appreciate the professionalism and expert advice from PCM. We decided to outsource our computer procurement, support and maintenance needs in 2013. PCM is always responsive in a timely manner and they are able to meet an urgent need when presented. Recently, we upgraded our office locally and also service twenty additional international project directors in twelve countries with email and Outlook 365 cloud based programs. We are able to operate effectively without a local server and PCM has given us peace of mind when it comes to security, privacy concerns and efficacy of our information.

They are reasonable and effective!

Executive Director
Medical Ministry International Canada

In 2011 we had grown to the point that our IT needs exceeded our own capabilities and we engaged the services of PCM as we felt they offered a more cost effective solution to hiring our own IT staff. Since then we have never regretted this decision, they continue to manage our IT needs proactively and respond to our needs with prompt and effective follow up and communications. During this time we have come to realize not only was PCM’s service more cost effective, but with PCM managing our IT solutions we are not reliant on one individual, but get the benefit of a team of knowledgeable and customer oriented IT Technicians and Managers. With the advice and expertise that PCM brings to the table, we are confident that our IT Systems not only continue to evolve and meet our needs but that our programs and data are secure.

General Manager
Sunshine Building Maintenance Inc.

As a small not-for-profit organization, our resources for administrative functions are limited. We began our work with PCM in 2015 to manage our IT, making it one of the best management decisions made. While their expertise, accountability and responsiveness has been proven invaluable, they proactively manage tasks before becoming issues is what we have appreciated most. This is a wonderful company with a great staff team and we feel fortunate to work with them.

Executive Director
Food4Kids Hamilton Halton

When issues come up, PCM is on the ball making sure that they contact us and get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. They have an excellent staff who go the extra mile in making sure our tech needs are met.

Van Amerongen & Son Inc.
Hagersville, ON

PCM is very conscientious in making sure what is important to you is getting done with the priority it should have. Ed takes a very personal approach. When he says he's available, he's available. He calls late to make sure what needed to be fixed was fixed and to see if you have any questions. When he is doing things like that it's nice to know someone is caring as much about your business as his own.

P.V.&V. Insurance Centre
Burlington, ON

As a small company I never thought we'd be able afford the kind of service and support that we get from PCM. It's not only like having our own IT department but I now have complete confidence that our system is being proactively monitored and that I don't have to come into the office in the morning to deal with computer problems for which I have no skill set. It's made a huge difference to our company and I now consider it a fundamental operating cost. And the PCM staff are a complete pleasure to work with.

Canadian Defence Lawyers
Toronto, ON

When I first contacted PCM our server had crashed twice in a period of 6 months and we were dealing with incredible instability with our server nearing tax time. I called to get a quote for a new server as the IT company we were with informed us that we needed a new server right away. Ed wanted a meeting to look over our server issues before he quoted a price for a new server. After a short meeting Ed informed me there was a problem with the server but a new server was not required. We arranged for David to come and investigate deeper into the Server issues and we signed a service contract shortly after. Both Ed and David are very good at explaining IT problems to Non Tech people such as myself, and the best news is we have had no problems since PCM has been our IT provider. Not only do we have better service than we had with our previous IT company, but PCM saved me the cost of a new server. It's nice to know there are still some people with integrity in this world.

IBEW - Local 105
Hamilton, ON

PCM has our system running like a top, keeping an eye on the system and completing work efficiently and on a reasonable budget. They are willing to bend over backwards to assist our office with all of its computer related needs. We consider PCM as a member of our TEAM.

Sarnia Piping Specialties Ltd.
Sarnia, ON

The folks at PCM are top shelf - I can’t think of a more accurate way to put it. They took the time to understand our needs and goals before providing a quote. They were available to listen, not just to sell a product. Their price was competitive and they delivered on every detail. Their staff is both professional and friendly; and when on site, integrate well with our own team of people. They back up their products with exceptional service – both on-site and via the telephone. I would recommend the PCM team without hesitation.

EduDeo Ministeries
Hamilton, ON