Peace Of Mind So I Can Focus On Our Customers

Peace Of Mind So I Can Focus On Our Customers

Price is important when looking at the bottom line. However, I feel that having a company who is on top of our IT infrastructure and ensuring that we have minimal downtime is more important to me. We are very happy with the service provided by PCM and they do an excellent job of keeping our system current and minimizing downtime. The few dollars we may save by going to another company who does not understand our IT infrastructure would be nothing to having our system not function as it is with PCM looking after our IT needs.

Having PCM monitor your system provides you with peace of mind and allows you to focus on what it is you do best. Since PCM has taken over our support, I don’t worry about what may be happening as they are on top of things for us and recommending best practices to ensure that our network is working as it should. My day is spent dealing with the needs of our customers and I need to know that our IT infrastructure is working so that we can meet any of our service level agreements with our customers.

Brady Metcalf
Gemsys Money Handling Systems Oakville

A Reliable, Quality Team That Keeps Us Safe

A Reliable, Quality Team That Keeps Us Safe

I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”. Professional Computer Management is not the cheapest in town, but their reliability and quality of their team makes that extra expense worthwhile. We would rather pay more and have any problems solved quickly and professionally. The risk of potential IT “down time” is much more costly than the marginally greater monthly retainer fee we pay to PCM.

Cyberhealth is so very important now and having an expert team maintaining all technology is critical. We also carry a cyber insurance policy and have for several years. Scams, viruses, ransomware, etc. are all getting so sophisticated that even the savviest employees could be fooled and risk the whole network. PCM’s regular monitoring and continuous backup provide the comfort level we need to focus on our jobs, and not worry about breaches to our database, financial management and internal files.

Randi Glass
Executive Director
Canadian Defence Lawyers Toronto

Save Time And Money While Gaining Peace Of Mind

Save Time And Money While Gaining Peace Of Mind

Security has become an increasing problem in today’s world. It is very hard to keep ahead of all the hackers, scammers, etc. that are out to destroy companies and people. Putting the proper security measures in place is very important to stop these attempts. Better to be safe than sorry is a very true comment here.

Professional Computer Management saves us time, effort, and money, and they give us the comfort and peace of mind that we can come into work and our system will not have problems because we know everything is in place that should be there (i.e. Security, Backups, Computer/Server Monitoring, Remote Access, etc.).

PCM is very reliable, knowledgeable, and not as expensive as some of the IT companies that are currently out there. We are definitely getting great service for our money!

I recommend PCM to any company who values their technology and security needs.


Susan McLeod
Operations Administrator
Allied Track Services Grimsby

Save On IT Staff And Gain Better Security

Save On IT Staff And Gain Better Security

Using Professional Computer Management provides the expertise necessary to not only eliminate an IT person on staff but has also provided fantastic executive reports that prove all the services are working right down to the number of help desk calls and time to resolve the issues. Our company is not the cheapest in the market, so we appreciate that great quality, service and knowledge comes at a premium.

Security monitoring is critical to us, like insurance, it is something you buy hoping you never have to use it. Should a breach ever occur not only is your internal information at risk but so is the information of your customers. For us it is not just the question of how much it would cost to start up from scratch, but what if there is a ransom involved or worse if the data is destroyed.

Another serious consideration is if customer or employee information is exposed, now we would have bad press and lawsuits where we would not be able to stand in front of a judge and claim that we did our due diligence and were responsible with our data. This would be extremely expensive. Lastly some of our larger commercial and institutional customers are demanding that we do it or we would lose them as customers.

Having PCM as part of our organization gives us the resources we need to ensure all aspects of technology are properly maintained, and industry best practices are reviewed in the ever changing technology field.

Joel DeGroat
Managing Director
ServiceMaster of Canada Limited Mississauga

Confidence Restored And Now We Can Sleep At Night

Confidence Restored And Now We Can Sleep At Night

Our operation relied solely on a small IT consultant to manage our network for several years. The experience left us distressed as we kept encountering weekly problems with our network which impacted our service capabilities to our clients. Our limited security, inadequate backup protocols and outdated security software, resulted in our being breached on two separate occasions with the consequence that our operation was literally ‘down’ for a week. The experience caused unimaginable distress not to mention the cost of fixing the system. This led us to us to conclude that there had to be a more professional IT manager out there. After extensive market research, we found Professional Computer Management.

The day we engaged with PCM was the turning point for us. Our confidence was restored that we had finally found an extremely professional organization with a strong bias for customer satisfaction and problem-solving skills.

The staff at PCM, are friendly, courteous and responsive to our every IT need. I can say categorically that we have never had any reason to consider replacing PCM in the many years of our partnership. They allow us to sleep at night!!

Conor O’Callaghan
Director, Benefits & Travel
Canadian Religious Admin Services Inc. Toronto

Complete Peace Of Mind And Protecting Our Donor Information

Complete Peace Of Mind And Protecting Our Donor Information

If I consider price, there is no way I could hire a qualified person to be available at all hours to address our needs as they arise. Whether it is an issue with our printers not printing, creating new email accounts, all the things the plan covers, doing this in-house just made no sense. The staff is super friendly, and always available to help when needed. Because PCM staff know their stuff so well, troubleshooting any issue goes so much faster and ultimately saves on my time, freeing me to do the work of running our organization. In 6 years, I have never had a concern with a ticket submission not be handled in a timely fashion to meet our needs. Our monthly rates have certainly been worth the expense for the work I see, and the peace of mind provided by the work I do not see firsthand.

The monitoring aspect of PCM’s work gives me complete peace of mind that what we are investing in will protect not only our data, but also our whole network and all the online traffic in and out of our organization. I rely on them to track all aspects of our computer software, equipment purchases, and replacement schedules. With the security monitoring in place, I know that we won’t have costly downtime due to corrupted machines and I know that we are doing our due diligence to protect the information of our donors and volunteers.

Leanne Ferris
Past Executive Director
Medical Ministry International Hamilton

Reliable Team Implementing Solid Business Solutions

Reliable Team Implementing Solid Business Solutions

We’ve been working with the team at Professional Computer Mangament for 16 years. Our company depends on our data, its security, our ability to access and share it, and our ability to communicate with each other, our clients and readers. We also need to be back ‘up’ ASAP whenever something stops working.

On all these fronts, PCM proves – time and time again – to be an excellent partner. They never let us down and they follow up until issues are resolved and tickets are ‘closed.’ We never have to chase them.

They have researched, purchased and setup three new servers for us over the years. We have also purchased countless computers and parts over the years through them and upgraded through many operating system updates.

They monitor all our computers and servers, regularly alerting us when something is showing signs that it might fail… and either fixed it or help us to swap in a new one.

They have worked with us to create multiple redundancies for our critical data. If anything happens to our server, computers or the buildings that house them, systems are in place to have our data restored and be back in business within that day.

Last summer, our staff transitioned to home offices to reduce costs and commuting times. We worked with Ed, Adrian and everyone at PCM to choose and implement a great new cloud hosted phone system. They also relocated and setup our server, creating safe, fast and reliable access for our staff who are now located all over the place.

PCM’s role in this transition has significantly improved our inter-office communications capabilities (to the point it’s even better than when we were in the same building on our old phone system) and our employees’ quality of life, some of whom no longer spend 4+ hours a day in their cars but are more productive than ever.

There may be cheaper options than PCM, but what is your data worth? What is it worth to be back online quickly after something goes down? Or to have one of their tech guys call you and tell you that your system is down… before you knew it? What is it worth for your IT guys to call you and let you know that your laptop or one of the hard drives attached to it is going to fail soon and should be checked or replaced? What is it worth to have partners who stay up on and recommend new technologies that are coming along, that might make your business more efficient? We don’t always go for everything, but it’s nice to know what’s out there, to be able to consider new things.
And they do it all with great attitudes and impeccable professionalism.

Do I wish I didn’t need any of these things and the costs that go with them? Of course. But I do need them, and I never regret working with PCM.

Greg MacPherson
Inside Track Communications Toronto

Save Time And Money With No Unscheduled Interruptions

Save Time And Money With No Unscheduled Interruptions

Before hiring Professional Computer Management (PCM) 8 years ago, Sarnia Piping Specialties Ltd (SPS) spent a lot of time with computer software, hardware and connection issues, taking away valuable time we could have been spending with our customers. We compare the cost for PCM’s services against a full time IT person and find the cost more than reasonable. On top of this we have access to several different technicians with a knowledge base on different issues that arise over the course of the day, week or month. Over the 8 years with PCM I can honestly say I have never thought the cost is too high, and I have never thought about changing service providers. You get what you pay for, and with PCM you get a quality staff, that provide quality service.

The monitoring portion is an important piece to the service. The first thing that comes to mind is when our AS400 that operates our business software system was having an issue with one of the drives. With PCM monitoring the system they found the potential problem, ordered the part, and scheduled the installation with literally no downtime. In my mind this is crucial. If our AS400 had went down due to one of the drives falling, we would have easily lost 2-3 days waiting for a part, then IBM coming out to install. Constant monitoring gives us confidence every day that our computer systems are healthy and functioning at 100%. If there is an issue starting to happen it is found by PCM, reported to SPS, and an informed decision is made because it is not being made in a crisis situation. In this age, key business operations rely on both hardware and software, having PCM as a partner means that we do not have any unscheduled interruptions.

I strongly recommend PCM as your IT provider. You will save more money with PCM on your team, than the difference between PCM and a cheaper provider.

Richard Felton
Sarnia Piping Specialties Sarnia

Highly Responsive Team That Cares About Our Mission

Highly Responsive Team That Cares About Our Mission

Professional Computer Management has been taking care of our technology needs for over 11 years. The cost of their Sentinel Managed IT Service is extremely reasonable, given the high quality of detailed support. For us this is far cheaper, and much less stressful, than doing IT in-house.

PCM’s rock-solid support and risk-free business continuity services continue to serve our needs well. The team is very responsive and highly dedicated, even available 24/7 if needed.

We continue to benefit from their constant monitoring of network health and detailed monthly reports. All our locations have the servers being backed up on an hourly basis with daily off-site copies. We also value how highly responsive the team is at all times, and how they are able to come on-site in a flash whenever necessary.

Having the PCM team as part of our organization allows us to focus on our mission while ensuring that our donor and client data is properly protected. We also appreciate the regular reviews and recommendations to keep up with industry best practices and our evolving technology needs.

Wayne de Jong
CFO/Director of Finance
Mission Services of Hamilton Hamilton

Peace Of Mind, Allowing Us To Focus On Our Business

Peace Of Mind, Allowing Us To Focus On Our Business

Our company relies on our systems to be up and running, and should there be issues, we need it to be up and running as soon as possible. Technology is such an integral part of business today that we cannot afford to worry that we are cutting corners when it comes to such an important asset. Businesses are in business to do what they do best, service their clients, manufacture products etc. and the service that PCM provides allows companies to focus on what they do and not have to get caught up in trying to manage technology. Partnering with PCM is like having your own IT team at your disposal allowing you to focus on what you do best without the overhead of an IT department.

Having PCM monitoring our systems allows our firm to focus on managing our clients. There is no worry about managing all the updates, backups and other technology requirements since it is all handled and monitored. Problems and issues are identified before they cause problems. Since we are not technology or security specialists (and don’t want to pretend to be one) I can trust that the monitoring service provides and maintains system health and security. With all the cyber-attacks and ransom demands being made today it is not worth the exposure. The reports that we receive on a monthly basis show all the updates, patches and overall system health are proof enough to know that we could not maintain this all ourselves and would no doubt leave us vulnerable to attack or system failure. It provides us with peace of mind.

Brian Vanderhout
P.V.&V. Insurance Centre Burlington

Saving A Lot Of Headaches With Proactive Service And No Wasted Resources

Saving A Lot Of Headaches With Proactive Service And No Wasted Resources

Prior to the engaging with Professional Computer Management we were paying for services by the hour. The difference between what we have now versus the old is that now we are on a proactive response as opposed to reactive when there’s a problem.

PCM has great references, a knowledgeable team, and an overall sense of wanting to understand our business and our needs to tailor a solution that fits us, rather than a canned solution. Other competitors are often small teams that had a little bit of knowledge of many things meaning they were learning and fixing (or believed to be fixing) at our expense. I could only do so much, and the management of our IT infrastructure was becoming tedious and time consuming. Now it isn’t. A ticket is submitted, and I’m only involved if there’s an extra cost or more input is needed.

When I get the monthly invoice for services, I am surprised as to how much work is being done behind the scenes that I wasn’t aware of – patches, connectivity, space optimization, intrusion protection, etc. We’re no longer waiting for a problem to happen before calling – they’re fixed before they become a problem. No wasted resources on our side. Prior to PCM we had too many outages to business-critical items, we couldn’t afford to react to problems anymore. The old reactive service took too long to get onsite to correct the problem which was a major concern. The PCM monitoring tools are measuring and watching so many things. We have not had an outage or spyware penetration since the tools have been in place. Prior to us engaging PCM, we had 2 attacks - one through a shared Drop Box account. Our server was also constantly freezing which no longer occurred once PCM was onboard. The monitoring tools have saved us a lot of headaches and have prevented problems. PCM constantly reviews and recommends solutions so that we are aware of industry best practices as technology changes.

Paul Parkinson
Director of Finance
A.S.P. Security Burlington

Professional, Prompt And Reliable Service That Gives Peace Of Mind

Professional, Prompt And Reliable Service That Gives Peace Of Mind

As our tech needs increased, we reached out to our contacts and Professional Computer Management was recommended by a company of similar size and needs. We could no longer function without quick response to hardware and software problems, plus security concerns.

PCM provided a very detailed description of their high-level support services. We reviewed this with a trusted IT consultant who assured us that their proposal was impressive and thorough. Their depth of knowledge is apparent. We believe quality is important, so we trusted our referrals; we have never looked back. Their service is professional, prompt and reliable. It is as if they are a trusted part-time employee; they know our system, people and office dynamics.

Our servers and network must be solid and fully functioning. PCM is constantly monitoring our hardware and can provide several options for handling problems. Backup was a major concern and I am certain we now have the best that is available. Security vulnerabilities are complex, and I am fully confident these have been addressed to the highest level. Having PCM with full-time support for the frequent (almost daily) issues that arise gives peace of mind. We’re very pleased with their response time, their large staff, their attention and problem-solving abilities. We have no hesitation in recommending their full support services.

Judy Brechin
Office Manager
Brechin & Huffman Lawyers Burlington

Ensures We Have A Secure And Protected Business To Stay Successful

Ensures We Have A Secure And Protected Business To Stay Successful

Prior to obtaining the managed service approach with PCM, we were already using PCM as our IT support on an as-needed basis. The biggest benefit of moving to managed services is my increased productivity. Before we started using the managed services, because I was one of the more tech-savvy individuals in the office, IT support would fall to me. It seemed that I was constantly being interrupted to assist in a various staff technology issues. I would spend the time and sometimes could solve the issue, but when we could not, we would eventually call PCM to solve it for us.

Now, when an issue comes up, we have already paid for the solution, so the staff directly creates a ticket to have the issue looked at, and it is solved without my interaction. I find out about it when I review the monthly invoice. In addition to that benefit, I can control and budget my monthly IT service costs. While I have seen cheaper options, the price of PCM’s services are at least partially due to the number and expertise of their technicians. When we have a need, it is addressed very quickly. In the case of an emergency, I have experienced immediate service and good work-around solutions in the interim to ensure we can continue to function.

On-going monitoring of our IT, provides me, as the principal, with an added level of security. Because of the monitored service that we have signed up for, our desktops, remote laptops, and server are automatically updated with the latest security patches. This is done late at night and the results are monitored by PCM to ensure that they are fully implemented. As we are only as secure as our weakest point, it is good to know that we have no weak points in our network.

PCM is also extremely knowledgeable at protecting us from external threats from viruses, spam, and cyber-attacks. Our entire office is now using the same virus protection system. As such, our server, the individual computers, and client data is as protected as it can be from exterior threats. PCM has also ensured that our router is secured to prevent data breaches and that we have a dual backup system so that we can recover in that unlikely event. The result is that my business is protected in the event of a catastrophic loss of system. I also have the added security that my business could be fully up and running within 24 hours in the event of a physical location loss.

That kind of security is something that makes my monthly tech expense simply a cost of running a successful and protected business.

Wade Van Bostelen
Certified Financial Planner
IPC Investment Corporation Burlington