PCM adds a new team member

Jack This past summer flew by quickly and at PCM the service requests continued to come in non-stop. As we increase the number of computers and clients we support, we also need to increase the number of people available to service them to ensure we continue to give you the best possible support.

Many have you have already worked with him, but I’d like to introduce our newest member, Jake Hoek, who joined our team at the end of June. Jake comes to PCM with over 3 years of IT experience, most recently as a help desk support technician, so while he’s new to us, he’s not new to supporting customers. Jake has been busy learning all of our support tools and has already helped out many of you remotely. Jake was hired for helpdesk support to focus primarily on end user, desktops and notebooks. This will allow Alvar to focus more time on monitoring our client networks and servers. Have an issue with your computer? Send your request into our office and you’ll most likely get to speak with Jake and see for yourself how good he is!

Did you know that PCM currently looks after over 520 computers and 60+ servers? It’s something that we take seriously and by adding resources to our team we hope to maintain the service level that our clients expect.

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