PCM Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

image1As you may be aware earlier this year we launched a Customer Satisfaction Survey through an outside agency.  This was a completely new thing for us and while we may think we have a good relationship with our clients, would they really take the time to fill out a survey?  With telephone, internet and email it seems that everyone is conducting surveys these days.  Everyone has a busy day and often surveys are seen as an interruption and perhaps even an annoyance.

For this year we decided to send the survey only to clients on the general computer side of the business.  We felt it wasn't appropriate at this point to include the clients for which we only support software products.  The survey had approximately 30 questions and went out to 150 people.  A big thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey, we really value your feedback.  The survey is optionally anonymous and we are able to see final scores in comparison to other partners.image2

We were happy to see that overall we scored higher than the average partner in North America with a Net Satisfaction score of 185 compared to the average of 168.

Based on the results some areas of strength are:

  • Ease of Doing Business
  • Quality of Support
  • Ability to Meet Clients Specific Needs
  • Cares About Your Business

To be quite honest we were a little surprised that we received almost no negative feedback.  Perhaps with this being the first survey people may not have understood the purpose of this exercise.image3

In addition to the results of the survey questions, as staff we also discussed that in some cases clients weren't sure who to contact about a support issue.  To simplify things we have setup a central support email queue that is constantly monitored by someone in the office during regular business hours.  Rather than emailing 3 different people and hoping that one of them will respond in time, the support@pcm.ca email address should make things easier for our clients and allow us to be more focussed.  Our goal is to increase response times which should also help to increase the value received for our clients.

Overall the satisfaction survey was a good exercise for us to go through and allowed us to raise the bar a bit moving forward.  While we received almost no negative feedback not all responses were a 9 out of 9 either.  As a result we are committed to working diligently throughout 2010 in an effort to increase the satisfaction score in future years.

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