Is BlackBerry still the right choice for business?

With smartphones being an important tool for many business people I often get asked which is the best. In the last year the market has literally exploded with many different options from RIM, Microsoft, Apple and Google. Each solution has their own pros and cons, however many of you will know that at PCM we continue to standardize on the BlackBerry devices.

Microsoft Awards PCM Charity Reseller Status

For some time now, Microsoft has allowed charities to purchase software at substantially discounted prices. A few years ago this program was changed and restricted to only a few national resellers. Microsoft was concerned about licenses being sold to organizations that didn’t technically qualify and they needed some time to re-organize the channel.

A Full Image Backup Solution That Really Works

At PCM we get to work with a lot of different software applications and have seen our share of great programs and not so great ones. Every once in a while there is one application that stands out and makes us say, “Wow!” Symantec System Recovery 2010 is one of those applications that has earned high praise around here in recent months.

PCM Upgrades Remote Monitoring Server and Software

At PCM we spend most of our time helping clients manage their business networks and software applications; however there are times when we also need to spend time on our in house tools. For the last 3 years we have been using a remote monitoring software package from Level Platforms to manage our client’s servers and workstations.

Professional Computer Management Wins Half Year 2010 Top ACC Revenue Performance Award

The Sage Top ACC Revenue Performance Award recognizes an ACT! Certified Consultant who has produced the most revenue for the first six months of the fiscal year.

Hamilton, ON, April 22, 2010 – Professional Computer Management announced today that it has been recognized by Sage Software, as the top ACT! sales partner in the Ontario/Ohio Region.

Professional Computer Management was one of only thirteen award winners announced at the ACT! division award ceremony on April 21, 2010. These awards acknowledge Sage Software ACT! Certified Consultants for their success over the last 6 months.

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Ontario Computer Support Company Professional Computer Management Inc. Now MS Gold Certified

Ontario’s leading provider of computer network services and computer support, providing information and tech support resources for small businesses across Ontario, has now received Microsoft Gold certification.

Hamilton, Ontario, March 26, 2010 – Computer consulting, IT, and computer network support company Professional Computer Management Inc.

PCM Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

image1As you may be aware earlier this year we launched a Customer Satisfaction Survey through an outside agency. This was a completely new thing for us and while we may think we have a good relationship with our clients, would they really take the time to fill out a survey? With telephone, internet and email it seems that everyone is conducting surveys these days. Everyone has a busy day and often surveys are seen as an interruption and perhaps even an annoyance.

For this year we decided to send the survey only to clients on the general computer side of the business. We felt it wasn’t appropriate at this point to include the clients for which we only support software products. The survey had approximately 30 questions and went out to 150 people. A big thank you to those who took the time to complete the survey, we really value your feedback.

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