Introducing PCM’s newest team member

As we transition from spring to summer we also went through some changes at PCM. Earlier this year Jake left PCM to take up a new position in an enterprise IT department which left us a little short-handed for a month or so. Since that time we interviewed various people and are happy to announce that we are back to a full staff with even more robust experience than before.

Many of you have already worked with him, but I’d like to introduce our newest member, Mark Kottelenberg, who joined our team at the end of April. Mark comes to PCM with over 6 years of IT help desk experience, so while he’s new to us, he’s not new to supporting clients. Mark has been busy learning all of our support tools and has already helped out many of you remotely. Have an issue with your computer? Send your request into our office and you’ll most likely get to speak with Mark and see for yourself how good he is!

Did you know that PCM currently looks after over 590 computers and 65 servers? It’s something that we take seriously and by adding experienced resources to our team we hope to maintain the service level that our clients expect

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