Mobile Device Updates and Security

Mobile Device Updates and Security

We know that keeping your computer operating system and installed software up to date is an important step in the security and protection of your system. Likewise, your Mobile device needs regular updates to fix security vulnerabilities and protect your data. At PCM we recommend you keep your phone and the installed applications up to date using the built-in mechanisms already available.

OS Updates

As security threats emerge, hardware vendors like Apple, Samsung, Google etc will release the security and performance related updates for their supported mobile devices. In some cases, these are fully automated and there are little to no options to prevent the devices from updating while other devices will have some capabilities to delay an update or turn off Automatic updates.

Check your Phone and make sure you are receiving updates automatically and when prompted to update, don’t delay the update any longer than necessary.

Software Updates

The Apple and Android App Stores both provide a way to automatically update the installed applications on your phone which were installed separately from the Operating System. Keeping these applications updated is just as important as keeping your OS up to date since many vulnerabilities and threats are introduced through the installed applications on your device.

Check your application store to make sure it is regularly scanning for and installing updates when they become available.

Evaluating Software

Downloading apps to your phone may seem harmless, however, some of these applications can be nothing more than malicious software that has slipped through the review process and ended up on the app store. Only install applications that are well known and provided by trusted vendors. Read the reviews and pay attention to the permissions you are giving to every application you install.

You may also have a policy that prevents non-business-related applications from being installed to business devices. It important to only install business applications necessary for work on company-issued mobile devices.


In summary, make sure you have your device operating system and your relevant app store setup to automatically update and don’t delay when you are prompted to install updates to your phone and applications. Feel free to reach out to us should you have any mobile device update related questions!