Ted Nelligan

When I first contacted PCM our server had crashed twice in a period of 6 months and we were dealing with incredible instability with our server nearing tax time. I called to get a quote for a new server as the IT company we were with informed us that we needed a new server right away. Ed wanted a meeting to look over our server issues before he quoted a price for a new server. After a short meeting Ed informed me there was a problem with the server but a new server was not required. We arranged for David to come and investigate deeper into the Server issues and we signed a service contract shortly after. Both Ed and David are very good at explaining IT problems to Non Tech people such as myself, and the best news is we have had no problems since PCM has been our IT provider. Not only do we have better service than we had with our previous IT company, but PCM saved me the cost of a new server. It's nice to know there are still some people with integrity in this world.

IBEW - Local 105
Hamilton, ON