Save On IT Staff And Gain Better Security

Save On IT Staff And Gain Better Security

Using Professional Computer Management provides the expertise necessary to not only eliminate an IT person on staff but has also provided fantastic executive reports that prove all the services are working right down to the number of help desk calls and time to resolve the issues. Our company is not the cheapest in the market, so we appreciate that great quality, service and knowledge comes at a premium.

Security monitoring is critical to us, like insurance, it is something you buy hoping you never have to use it. Should a breach ever occur not only is your internal information at risk but so is the information of your customers. For us it is not just the question of how much it would cost to start up from scratch, but what if there is a ransom involved or worse if the data is destroyed.

Another serious consideration is if customer or employee information is exposed, now we would have bad press and lawsuits where we would not be able to stand in front of a judge and claim that we did our due diligence and were responsible with our data. This would be extremely expensive. Lastly some of our larger commercial and institutional customers are demanding that we do it or we would lose them as customers.

Having PCM as part of our organization gives us the resources we need to ensure all aspects of technology are properly maintained, and industry best practices are reviewed in the ever changing technology field.

Joel DeGroat
Managing Director
ServiceMaster of Canada Limited Mississauga