Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013

Part of keeping networks healthy and secure is having a good security software application on all the computers and servers. While there are many different solutions available on the market, we have always preferred the Symantec solution from a feature and manageability standpoint. This month Symantec announced a new version of their popular Endpoint Protection (SEP) software, called Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013.

To date most of our managed clients have been running SEP v11 which in turn was communicating back to our dedicated Symantec server for management. This gave us a great centrally managed environment and also meant that our clients didn’t have to install and maintain any management software on their local server, reducing their resource load.

Recently we have been switching our clients to the new service which means all devices now communicate to a Symantec data center for updates and reporting rather than the PCM server. This new solution also offers a monthly license model that ties in nicely to our service structure and doesn’t require purchasing licenses in advance for annual agreements.

One of the main drivers for this change was that we have been extremely impressed with the new Symantec Endpoint Protection solution and also see a lot of advantages to using their new centralized cloud service. Since installing the new software on some test sites we have been seeing an increase in the malware caught and removed over the previous edition. Another advantage is that this new release also does a lot more processing in the background and doesn’t need the monthly full system scan on the desktop side. As a result we have decided to recommend that all clients move to this new cloud model as soon as their existing agreements expire.
This means we can now offer expanded protection for a similar cost as the previous software licenses. Interested in getting on board with the latest “best of breed” security software? Feel free to contact us for more information on how this new solution keeps networks clean and running more efficiently with less downtime.

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